Sonia Yung attended law school largely on the advice of her father, a teacher who always wanted to be a lawyer and eventually took early retirement in order to go back to school and earn his law degree.

“His view was that law opened a lot of doors and gave you options,” Sonia said. “So, worst-case scenario, you could always just hang out a shingle and be your own boss.”

Now, she helps clients open a lot of doors and hang out shingles as one of the leading Corporate & Securities lawyers in Canada.

Donna Walwyn grew up fascinated by the complex rule structures that determined how society worked and how people interacted with one another.

She had no idea, as she entered university, that these curiosities would lead her to becoming a partner at Baker McKenzie’s Toronto office and head of the Pension and Employee Benefits Practice Group.

From luxury fashion designers to start-up tech companies, brand owners across industries and continents pour countless hours into their new products and then face a growing threat that their creative work could be copied and sold for pennies on the dollar once it hits the open market. That’s where Stephanie Vaccari steps in.